About Us
The common man is having lot of problems in daily life. We, the general public are not an organized group to forcefully put our difficulties to departments. We want to address many of them, take suggestions from you, discuss with experts, take problems to relevant authorities. This NGO is started to fill up that space where we can do our little help to common man.

We are being exploited in so many ways. Many times we know that we are being charged unnecessarily but we ignore. If a big corporate charges one or two Rupee extra we cannot fight as the effort is not worth the loss. But for the Corporate, Crores of Rupees will be gained fraudulently. Somebody needs to fight this exploitation. If sufficient people give us such instances, we can fight on behalf of common man.

Many laws are made by Government in good faith. When they are misused, the victim suffers with nobody willing to support him. Such cases when taken up in group will be heard better.

There is too much imbalance happening financially. While Governments are hesitating to regulate & leaving market forces to fix prices, we are being charged exhorbitantly. As per sources in India 1% of population has cornered 53% of total wealth.

There are so many problems like Abandoned aged people, Outsiders menace, no User pays concept etc.,

We invite your feedbacks & your participation. Share your genuine problem. Let us try to find solution.